Sunday Servants:  Connecting Through Worship
Want to get involved by sharing your gifts?  Each week, our worship services are made possible by the ministry of a large cadre of committed volunteers: Zion’s Sunday Servants.  

The Sunday Servants involved in assisting with Sunday morning worship have crucial roles, both for the meaningful presentation of the service itself as well as for the hospitality of our community towards members, guests and visitors.  Using their individual skills, gifts and talents, they provide important ministries to enhance our worship, lead the singing, set up the worship area, provide the service materials needed, and assist with the needs of those who attend.  Organized in to special teams according to their roles during the Sunday morning worship times, Zion’s Sunday Servants include the following:

Altar Guild
Assisting Ministers
Choir Members
Communion Assistants


For more information and descriptions of these Sunday Servant roles, click on the role that interests you or contact the church office (