Assisting Minister
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TO:  All Assisting Ministers and Communion Assistants…..Thank you for serving as a Sunday Servant.  When you receive a new schedule please mark down your dates of service.  If find that you have a conflict with your scheduled assignment, notify the church office immediately. Please provide another date that you would be able to serve.  If you “switch” assignment dates, please notify the church office (898-2911,

. . 
  1. You will receive the lessons via e-mail or U. S. mail during the week prior to your scheduled Sunday.  Please call or email the church office, 898-2911/ , if you do not receive the worship materials (readings, prayers, etc.)
  2. The worship materials for both services will also be on the lectern in a binder.
  3. Please arrive no later than twenty minutes prior to the scheduled service time. Report to the pastor in the sacristy for any last minute instructions and a prayer before worship.
  4. You will find service bulletins in the box on the bench in the hall corridor outside the choir room.
  5. You may sit in the congregation area or on the bench in the altar area on the baptismal font side.  This is your choice. 
  6. Please move to the lectern before it is time for the scripture/prayers etc. to assist with a smooth flow of the service. 
  7. The Assisting Ministers’ participation in the liturgy depends on the worship service:

8:00 AM (Traditional)

a. Read the First and Second Lessons and Lead the Psalm.  (Reading the introductions to the lessons is optional.)
b.  Lead the Prayers of Intercession (feel free to re-write or to add petitions to the prayers as you deem appropriate. Be sure to have a copy of the prayer list from the bulletin so you can read the names.
c.  Lead the Offering Prayer
d.  Assist with Communion  
e.  Lead the Post-Communion Prayer
f.  Lead the Commissioning.

10:30 AM (Contemporary)

a.  Read the First and Second Lessons
b. Assist with Communion

At either service, the Assisting Minister may be asked by the Pastor to assist as the “congregation representative” during The Sacrament of Holy Baptism or another rite appropriate to the day.  Please check with the pastor before worship to find out about any special duties.

8.  The Assisting Minister assists with communion.  Proceed to the rear altar area at the conclusion of the Lord’s Prayer to receive communion from the pastor. Please stop at the lectern to use the hand sanitizer on the shelf prior to receiving communion.

8:00 AM service – Doug Rhoads or Sue Hindes will commune the pastor, unless other arrangements have been made.The assisting minister is a wine assistant on the baptismal font side.  Follow the lead for pew communions if needed on the baptismal side.  Then back to the baptismal font area to commune the remaining congregation.  One of the ushers will be the Communion assistant on the pulpit side. The usher should proceed to the rear altar area at the conclusion of the Lord’s Prayer to receive Communion from the pastor.

NOTE: Altar Communion on the first Sunday of the month has a different procedure for both the Assisting Minister and the ushers.  This procedure is found below.

 10:30 AM service – The Assisting Minister will commune the pastor.The pastor and Assisting Minister will distribute the bread to the congregation.  There will be two Communion assistants to distribute wine to the congregation.  There is a“runner” to deliver any refill trays of wine as needed.

Other suggestions for the Assisting Minister to maintain a smooth flow to the service:

  1. Check the order of service to see if there is an anthem prior to the reading of the lessons.  Check also if there are any other special events taking place during the service, new member class, baptism, etc.
  2. Be sure to direct your reading into the microphone.  Read clearly, do not rush the readings.  Project your voice.
  3. Bring the worship materials you received with you, have them just in case a circumstance has occurred that may have altered the readings for the day.
  4. Check the readings and prayers you received with the ones in the binder on the lectern. 
Communion Around the Altar Rail
8:00 AM- First Sunday of Month
  1. Communion will be distributed to those parishioners sitting in the pews and not able to proceed around the altar rail the same as we do it presently.


  1. Starting at the right side of the worship area (facing from the front), an usher will lead the parishioners down the center aisle and around the altar rail to the back corner on the left side. An usher will be the last person to the altar rail, and will lead the parishioners from the altar area, after communion, to the pews. 


  1. The pastor and lay assistant will distribute the bread and wine starting with the first parishioner at the altar rail back at the left corner. The acolyte will follow with a basket for empty wine glasses.


  1. When the bread and wine have been distributed to all the parishioners the minister will present an exit blessing such as: “You may go in peace in peace”.


  1. The people will leave the altar area starting with the parishioner closest to the opening in the front altar rail recessing back down the center aisle to their pew. The remaining parishioners will follow suit.


  1. When the last right-side person leaves the altar rail area, the parishioners on the left side, led by an usher, may proceed up the side aisle and around to the back corner on the left side.


  1. The minister and lay assistant may distribute the communion starting with the parishioner at the back corner on the left side. The minister will present the exit blessing and the parishioners may leave the altar area starting with the one closest to the opening in the front altar rail and recess down the center aisle to their pew.


  1. Approximately thirty-five people will fill the altar rail to the back corner.